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"l'Avant-Goût restaurant, is located 26 rue Bobillot Paris 13th district,


Famous for its signature dish Pot-au-feu de cochon aux épices [fr].
Christophe Beaufront produces inventive, open-minded French cuisine His culinary creations give a home cooked feel with a modern and playful twist, and an original wine list..."

The Lounge

"In the first floor Christophe and Rufine Beaufront you their

The Lounge

Particular Lounge", which welcomes from 8 to 16 dinner guests,
In a modern, comfortable and very cosy decoration

Besides the menu proposed on the menu card of the restaurant, the Chief can compose in your intention a "custom-made" menu

Christophe Beaufront

"With the will to share his vast knowledge, experience and passion,

Ch. Beaufront

“R.R Créations” was born. Training sessions and consulting services are designed and geared towards coaching and advising restaurant industry professionals.
Christophe Beaufront works hard to bring his expertise in new food concepts..."

The Artists

"Christophe & Rufine are a union that combine the best of fine arts and the pleasures

Béton Dructal

of the table.
This atmosphere is illustrated for the masses at the restaurant l'Avant-Goût, but now, more discretely, within the creation of their own
Artist Workshop [fr].

Plaster, concrete, earth, metal and glass are their favourite ingredients..."

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