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The Art of the Table

Ch Beaufront

Christophe Beaufront, working with passion

Graduated from a 2 years BTS in management, Christophe Beaufront did not start his own restaurant by accident, he did it through passion. Now owner of the Avant Goût for ten years, he created this contemporary bistro and showed a new concept to the following generation of bistrotiers...

A very professional path

Born under a lucky star, he started cooking under Michel Peignaud followed by Michel Guérard. He became a Chef before the age of 30 and he worked at the Courtille (one of the top wine bar/bistros in Paris throughout the 90’s), at Les Bains Douches and then Chef de Cuisine in one of Guy Savoy’s restaurants. As of 1997, a few months after he stepped down as chef at Yves Camdeborde at the Régalade, he set up shop in the Butte-aux-Cailles area of Paris, and has not left since...

Le Chef

Full-time projects

The fame of his restaurant allowed the Chef to discover other ways to invest himself in his work. In particular, he participates frequently at Fooding events (Grand Fooding d'Eté).

In collaboration with the marketing and food processing industries, he tries his best to bring a personal qualitative touch in new food concepts, despite the increasing and unavoidable industrialization of the business. Following his meeting with Espace Saveur, who are specialised in sous-vide meals for restaurants, CB offers favourite dishes of the Avant Goût to retail in his own shop and others alike.

Training, Marketing

Finally, he works as a consultant for restaurateurs, cooks and other organisations. The recent birth of his new consulting company, R.R créations stems from his past experiences. Thanks to this new business venture, he is now able to develop his activity as an adviser and trainer to the restaurant industry and its budding entrepreneurs. Training sessions are also organised in conjunction with FaFih (The Organization of Food and Hotel Training).

For more information on these training activities, please contact directly Christophe Beaufront though the contact form provided.

Christophe Beaufront

His cuisine, Art & Pigs

His wine knowledge and educated palette allowed him to work on various components of a meal separately, such as taste and texture. His appetite for travelling has given him a keen sense for the spices and cuisines of the world.
All these experiences and skills transcend into his cuisine. His plates from the market fit his image, odd and playful, fine and full of character, cunning and curious.

Even if he changes his menu every month, his cult meal will still be there : the pot-au-feu de cochon aux épices.

As for dessert, a glass of creamy chocolate with a red pepper coulis could be featured in upcoming bistro recipes.

Rufine Beaufront

Who is Rufine Beaufront ?

Coming from a social services background, Elisabeth Bralet called Rufine was never a novice in the art of Bistronomy. She was already a well known character in the wine bistros throughout the eighties.

From the Echanson to the Avant Goût

Some people still remember her from the days of the L’Echanson, on rue Boyer Barret in Paris’14th district. This was a small bistro were one could experience great cuisine, and a dinning room that was a well known as an after-hours hub for local restaurateurs. One would have loved to be a guest at one their frequent (late night) blind tastings.

When Christophe Beaufront offered Rufine his love and his restaurant project L’Avant Goût, Rufine accepted the challenge and she never regretted for moment !

Rufine Beaufront

Rufine, A thoughtful and radiant woman

L’Avant Goût would certainly not have its charm and inspiration without Rufine. As the boss of the dining room, she always manages a perfect service.

Her knowledge of wine (it’s been more than 20 years of working with French wine producers!), her gastronomic culture and spirit, bring the guests of the restaurant a great tranquillity in their menu selections, and an obvious pleasure…to come back !

Extremely proud of her achievements, her greatest satisfaction is to see the faces of her guests, taking great pleasure in the wine recommendations that she has offered them.

So much Energy !

Their common project : constantly searching for new recipes to bring to the table and new ways to add value to their guests’ unforgettable experiences.

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