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The restaurant l'Avant-Goût

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Christophe and Rufine Beaufront provide you with a Particular Lounge which welcomes from 8 to 16 dinner guests...

The Restaurant is opened from Monday till 12 am until Saturday at 10:30 pm - Closed on Sundays

Menu card, wine list...

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Our guests definitely perceive our passion and love through our work. Kandinsky preached about art & spirituality and I totally agree with him. Christophe Beaufront. [Christophe Beaufront]

L'Avant-Goût, video

Filmed at the restaurant and the cellar by Bérangère Dunglas
Read the Christophe Beaufront's video.

"Christophe Beaufront is a passionate artist/chef who never stops searching"

Open since the end of the 90’s, L’Avant Goût immediately claimed a keen success which, since then, has never stopped. After an experience in several famous restaurants, Christophe Beaufront decided to settle down and invest in his own restaurant with his wife, Rufine’ at the “Butte aux Cailles”. This divine neighbourhood, lost in a mess of buildings constructed in the 60’s and 70’s (not architectures finest period), is now a popular place where the “Parisian hipsters” flock to on sunny days.

Salle du restaurant

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The modest shop front and decoration are not the most alluring. However, the beautiful floor, decorative elements, red banquets and warm colours make it a light, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

This is one of the reasons why, for ten years now, a diverse client base (couples, intellectuals, families, regulars…) meet each other at the Avant Goût, to enjoy the friendly ambiance. Everybody is glad to be there and likes to let it be known: it’s always full (...).

Why such a success ?

At L’Avant-Gout, the warm welcoming is second to none and defines “True Hospitality”. The service, which is animated by the Chef’s wife Rufine, is professional and efficient, yet dynamic and enthusiastic. Through their knowledge and passion, the dining room staff are constantly able to add value to the chef’s culinary creations. As a result, a perfect harmony is achieved between the front and back of house, which is not that frequent in most restaurants..

When it comes to the cuisine, Chef Christophe Beaufront suggests an inventive, open-minded French approach where the countryside is finally able to meet the high street. Traditional dishes are revamped, modernised, in a generous and playful way. Conviviality and multiculturalism are presented as one in each dish. His specialty : thoughtfully used spices and seasonings are used to flavour homemade emulsions (citrus, ink, olive). The creations are never over the top and are always well-controlled (he didn’t forget his classic training from the famous kitchens he grew up in). One can see the each dish has been thought and worked.

Driven by passion, Christophe Beaufront never stops creating and always delivers value to his loyal guests. Since he opened his restaurant, he has never rested on his laurels. He continues on his culinary quest to transform his plethora of ideas into culinary experiences.

Salle du restaurant

The menu is revamped frequently (every two or three weeks) in order to work with the freshest, in-season ingredients. However, menu prices are kept stable and relatively low compared to the gastronomic ecstasies (and the word is not too strong) provoked by the menu. It is understood why some people do not hesitate to cross Paris to spend an evening at the L’Avant-Goût. When setting the culinary attractions aside, the wine list alone is worth travelling for, as L’Avant-Gout is home to a cellar which showcases small, terroir-driven producers. The wine program is also credited often for its extensive by the glass offering.

Le pot au feu de cochon aux épices

Your attention must be drawn to Christophe Beaufront flagship dish : <<Le pot au feu de cochon aux épices>>. This cult favourite has never been removed from the menu since its creation, if it were ; he would risk a manifestation from angry clients near and far. The legend of his cuisine, this meal illustrates perfectly the Chef ‘s credo and it is strongly encouraged you remember it if you want to impress your guests.

This establishment, one of the best bistros in the cuisine capital, is the prefect illustration of “bistronomiques”. It combines atmosphere, hospitality, great cuisine and a thoughtful wine list. There is certainly the feeling that “something is happening here”. In addition, there is the staff’s enthusiasm, the soul and the prices …which makes L’Avant Gout a one of kind restaurant.

Due to the size of the dining room, the only down-side for guests is their obligation to book (especially for the dinner) well in advance.

Translation of an article published in Arthur Deevs's "Bistronomiques", edited by the "Editions Minerva"

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