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On the slate this month

The restaurant will be closed for holidays from Friday, August 14th till Monday, September 7th reopening on Tuesday, September 8th for the lunch.

Cochon content

French Translation : French menu and card.

Today's Special

For lunch only, 15,00 €uros « Autour d'une soupe »
Including : a bowl of soup, a main course, a glass of wine (10 cl), a coffee.

At your choice : This month

1 Starter, 1 Main Course et 1 Dessert For each person : 36 €uros

To begin : at your choice 11,50 €uros

  • Salad made of prawns and potatoes perfumed with coffee and cocoa nut
  • Duck carpaccio with basil, little fresh vegetable’s salad
  • Sea bream tartar and broad beans with spices
  • Cold green peas soup with mint, fresh goat cheese and radish
  • Green salad, tapenade and Parmesan cheese

The cooked : at your choice 20,00 €uros

  • Scorpion fish filet, tomato and black olives, cauliflower
  • Poached Cod in Aïoli way with vegetables
  • Beef cheek's daube and mashed potato with olives
  • Free range chicken filet, spring vegetables and pear vinegar perfumed with vanilla
  • Roast Sweetbreads with wild Mushrooms (Add.7€)

Cheese : at your choice 12,00 €uros

  • Cheese and « Bordier » butter (addp.2€ instead of dessert)

Sweets : at your choice 10,00 €uros

  • Cheese cake with rhubarb and strawberries compote
  • Melon and basil cold soup, tarragon sorbet
  • Fluffy lemon and almonds, rosemary vanilla ice cream - (To order, 7 min cooking)
  • Apricots and vanilla ice cream, crumbly cake with saffron Syrup

At your choice : Our classic dishes

These dishes can be integrated into the menu at 36 €uros

To begin : 17,50 €uros

  • Duck foie gras with vegetables (Add.6€ to the menu at 36€)

The cooked : at your choice 20,00 €uros

  • The famous «Pot au feu de cochon» of l'Avant Goût : pork stew with sweet potatoes, fennel, with horse-radish sauce, ginger fries and a glass of spicy broth
  • Pork stew «retour de Tokyo» served with, soba, horse-radish, ginger and vegetable's tempura
  • Veal steak, cold herbs sauce, potatoes cake and roasted vegetables

Sweets : at your choice 10,00 €uros

  • Creamly chocolate glass, coffee perfumed, crystallized red sweet pepper and raspberries
  • Hot black chocolate cake medium baked, served with vanilla ice cream and salt butter caramel

Charges and service included - Fixe prices, the menu can be changed

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