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On the slate this month

Cochon content

Today's Special 16,00 €uros

For lunch only « Autour d’une soupe »
Including : a bowl of soup, a main course, a glass of wine (10 cl), a coffee.

Sweets :

The gourmand (assortment of dessert) 5,00€
The gourmand coffee 7,50€
The scoop of black chocolat ice cream, honey and crispy cocoa 5,00€

Menu or at your choice

1 Starter, 1 Main Course et 1 Dessert For each person : 38 €uros

To begin on the menu, or at your choice : 12,00 €uros

  • Cabbage pana cota perfumed with Tonka broad bean and snails donuts
  • Haddock, fennel, pear, orange and cucumber and avocado mousse, pear with coriander
  • Rabbit Terrine cooked with dry fruits
  • Sea bream tartar tartine with spices and miso
  • Green salad, tapenade and parmesan cheese

The cooked on the menu, or at your choice : 22,00 €uros

  • Roast cod and spinach in a crisp pastry served with chick peas and sesame sauce
  • Hake filet with Tonka broad bean crumble, mashed potato and olive oil sauce
  • Crispy of lamb with spices and dry fruits in a pastry, and the rib (Add.5€)
  • Beef check perfumed with Thaï basil and seasonal vegetables
  • Aloyau of Angus Beefsteak served with potato cake
  • The famous « Pot au feu de cochon » of l'Avant Goût :
    pork stew with sweet potatoes, fennel, with horse-radish sauce, ginger fries and a glass of spicy broth

Cheese on the menu, or at your choice : 12,00 €uros

  • AOC 3 cheese plate (Add.2,00€)

Sweets on the menu, or at your choice : 10,00 €uros

  • Glass of creamy chocolate, light coffee flavor, crystallized red sweet pepper and raspberries
  • Hot and cold black chocolate cake medium baked, served with vanilla ice cream and salted butter caramel
  • White cheese mousse, cherries with lemon flower and jelly made of honey perfumed with thyme
  • Roast pear with black olive caramel served with vanilla and olive oil ice cream

Charges and service included - Fixe prices, the menu can be changed

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