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On the slate this month

Cochon content

French Translation : French menu and card.

Today's Special

For lunch only, 15,00 €uros « Autour d'une soupe »
Including : a bowl of soup, a main course, a glass of wine (10 cl), a coffee.

At your choice : This month

1 Starter, 1 Main Course et 1 Dessert For each person : 35 €uros

To begin : at your choice 10,50 €uros

  • Duck's ravioli and shii take
  • Roast Pheasant, apple and celery remoulade
  • Beef's tartar with sate and quail egg, daïkon cress
  • Pressed skate fish with tapenade and pequilos coulis
  • « orange » salad (butternut's tagliatelles, parmesan cheese and Serrano ham)

The cooked : at your choice 19,50 €uros

  • Scallops just cooked served with parmesan cheese, Bellota ham and truffle juice (add.6,50€)
  • Salmon and oysters cooked with red wine , served with fennel and grape
  • Thick piece of lever veal, red cabbage cooked with apple and walnut French dressing
  • Pork loin, mash potato with truffle juice
  • Hare with foie gras rolled in a little crisp pastry, autumn vegetable and xocopili sauce (add.5€)

Cheese : at your choice 12,00 €uros

  • Cheese and « Bordier » butter (sup.2€ instead of dessert)

Sweets : at your choice 10,00 €uros

  • Quinces cooked with spices and pink pepper ice cream
  • Mashed rhubarb and eggplant, cardamom ice cream
  • Roast pear, black olive's caramel and vanilla ice cream
  • Waffle with mulberries and Chantilly cream

At your choice : Our classic dishes

These dishes can be integrated into the menu at 35 €uros

To begin : 16,50 €uros

  • Duck foie gras with vegetables (Add.6€)

The cooked : at your choice 19,50 €uros

  • The famous «Pot au feu de cochon» of l'Avant Goût : pork stew with sweet potatoes, fennel, with horse-radish sauce, ginger fries and a glass of spicy broth
  • Pork stew «retour de Tokyo» served with, soba, horse-radish, ginger and vegetable's tempura
  • Veal steak, cold herbs sauce, potatoes cake and roasted vegetables

Cheese and sweets : at your choice 10,00 €uros

  • Creamly chocolate glass, coffee perfumed, crystallized red sweet pepper and raspberries
  • Hot black chocolate cake medium baked, served with vanilla ice cream and salt butter caramel

Charges and service included - Fixe prices, the menu can be changed

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