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L'Avant-Goût Particular Lounge - « Le salon »

In the first floor Christophe and Rufine Beaufront provide you with a Particular Lounge which welcomes from 8 to 16 dinner guests,
In a modern, comfortable and very cosy decoration.
The team is for your listening to take your reservations and answer your greedy envy.

Besides the menu proposed below, the Chief can compose in your intention a "custom-made" menu

Le Salon Le Salon Le Salon Le Salon

Particular Lounge Menu 42€ For each person

1 Starter, 1 Main Course et 1 Dessert :

Including mineral water and coffee

To begin :

  • Foie gras with vegetables (Add.6€)
  • Quail and mashed eggplant with cumin
  • Duck carpaccio with basil, roquette and parmesan
  • Sardines with chorizo and white beans
  • Pork foot and wild mushrooms panned and roasted, served with hard-boiled egg

The cooked :

  • Tuna fish filet, special shellfish stew and broccoli
  • Cod roast with sesame, pock choï and salmon eggs
  • Duck's leg, potatoes cake and tomato chutney
  • Veal tartar with truffle juice and wild mushrooms (add.6€)
  • Red mullet filet, eggplants and zucchini and Colombo french dressing (add.7€)

Cheese 12€ :

  • Cheese from Touraine (sup.2€ instead of dessert)

Sweets :

  • Melon cold soup, tarragon sorbet and redcurrant
  • Crisp almonds biscuit with Mulberries and vanilla ice cream
  • Rice cooked with milk and vanilla, stew of strawberries and fresh mint
  • Fluffy lemon and almonds, rosemary vanilla ice cream

The flyer

Le Salon

Charges and service included - Fixe prices, the menu can be changed

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